Heavy Team

Storent Heavy Team specialises in hauling, jacking and moving services. We perform various types of specialized lifting, jacking and hauling services in places where regular moving or lifting methods cannot be performed. Our services include for example moving of various machinery and equipment, such as safes or industrial manufacturing machinery, and hauling and lifting of escalators. We provide services for all operational stages, from planning to execution, nationwide.

Heavy Team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment by Storent Oy. Our equipment includes hydraulic gantries, chain hoists, hydraulic power units, jacks and spreaders as well as roller beds, a slide track, a turntable, a stair climber and much more.

Our slide track capability is 400 tonnes and our turn table equipment enables us to rotate transistors, generators and other machinery weighing up to 135 tonnes.

Gantries can lift and move machinery up to 50 tonnes.

Our transport fleet includes trucks, crane trucks and pallets and is supplemented by special-purpose vehicles from our network of partners.