Our lifting services are the ones where we are known for. We can proudly say that we are the Finnish elite, when it comes to lifting services. We have wide range of fleet, which allows us to operate all the way to heaviest lifting works on site.

In order to be successful in lifting services, it all comes down to capable personnel. Therefore, we have made an extra effort in our personnel in order to have the most professional and motivated team.

Our truck mounted crane fleet starts from smaller cranes and goes up to 200 tonmeters with lifting capacity of 50 meters.

On top of the truck mounted cranes we have a mobile tower crane. This specific crane is a rare sight in Finland and it its impressive capabilities makes many cases possible. Our Spierings branded crane can lift up more than 60 meters and the range 60 meters as well. When you combine it with below 30 minutes set up time, you really get a special crane.

In addition to the cranes we offer also lifting services with telehandlers. The telehandlers are the necessary machine for every site. With the high number of accessories and professional operators, you can trust that we will make your site efficient.

Minicranes are also a good addition to our fleet. We offer a wide range of Maeda and Hoeflon minicranes. These minicranes can be easily operated as a rental machine or you can also lease them with an operator from us.